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Sugar & Spice

Sugar & Spice

Alfajores • Chin Chin • Serinakaker and so many more!

purple suitcase wanted to honor the joy of the small treat – THE COOKIE.

At this time of year, many of us spend time gathering together, telling stories, cooking, eating, and sharing our heritages and traditions. Cultures all around the globe have their own version of this little treat. Whether sweet or spicy, it brings joy.

We found a wonderful post on Food52. They list cookies from around the world and we have added a few more of our own favorites. Their post also includes some background and recipes.

Take a look, explore the cookie goodness …
and don’t forget to share your own cookie favorite with family and friends.

Belgian Gaulettes Nanaimo Bar Italian Anise Cookies Greek Melomalarona Elisenlebkuchen italian rainbow mtgings Snaps Alfajores Dutch Speculaas Topra Pak Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 6.24.38 PM Syr

THE WORLD COOKIE MAP Click on the cookie and it will take you to the description and recipe
World Cookie Map








ARGENTINA | Alfajores
AUSTRALIA | Mint Slices & Mango Melting Moments
AUSTRIA | Vanillekipferl
BRAZIL | Brigadeiros
CANADA | Nanaimo Bars
CHINA | Peanut Cookies
EGYPT | Halawa (Halva)
FRANCE | Pain d’Amande & Stained Glass Cookies
GERMANY | Springerles, Pfeffernuse, Elisenlebkuchen & Basler Leckerli
GREECE | Koulourakia
INDIA | Besan Laddu & Coconut Milk Fudge
IRAN | Rice Cookies with Cardamom and Rose Water
ISRAEL | Tehina Shortbread
ITALY | Buccellati & Struffoli
JAPAN | Matcha Butter Cookies
MALAWI | Mbatata
MALTA | Lemon Christmas Cookies
MEXICO | Mexican Wedding Cakes
NIGERIA | Chin Chin & Nigerian Coconut Cookie Crisps
NORTH AFRICA (Morocco, Tunisia & Algeria) | Samsa (Almond-Orange Triangles)
NORWAY | Serinakaker
POLAND | Polish Apricot-Filled Cookies
RUSSIA | Buckwheat Thumbprint Cookies with Cherry Preserves
SERBIA | Vanilice
SINGAPORE | Kuey Tarts
SOUTH AFRICA | Chocolate Pepper Cookies
SPAIN | Spanish Butter Wafers
SWEDEN | Swedish Rye Cookies
UKRAINE | Curd Cheese Cookies
UNITED STATES | Benne Wafers, Bizcochitos, Black & White Cookies, Dutch Christmas Cookies, Italian Rainbow Cookies, Potato Chip Cookies & Rugelach

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